You are under cyber attack – it’s time to fight back

“100% of businesses are under attack; it is just that some don’t realise it.”

Neelie Kroes, vice president of the European Commission (Digital Agenda)

As our reliance on the internet grows and more devices become connected to the internet (the internet of things) the opportunities for cyber criminals also increase. Technology is often developed and deployed quickly, with security issues not properly addressed.

It isn’t a question of if but when you will be subject to a cyber attack. You may already be under attack; you just don’t know it yet. The Mandiant M-Trends Report 2014 found that the average number of days that attackers were present on a victim’s network before being discovered was 229. That’s a long time for your data to be compromised.

Cyber attacks are increasing, as is the cost to businesses who suffer an attack.

The Information Security Breaches Survey 2014 (ISBS), commissioned by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), found that 81% of large and 60% of small business suffered a security breach in 2013. That’s higher than you thought isn’t it.

The average cost of the most serious breach to a large organisation was £600k – £1.15m (up from £450k – £850k last year), whilst the cost to a small business was £65k – £115k (up from £35k- £65k last year).

Many businesses would simply not be able to afford those kinds of figures. The question is: why aren’t you investing in robust cyber security measures that will cost you a fraction of the cost of a breach?

But what can you do protect your business?

ISO27001 is the international cyber security Standard that will help protect your businesses in cyberspace. ISO27001 mandates an approach that will cover all aspects of security: people, processes and technology.

If you are serious about cyber security, then you need to implement ISO27001.

We have created four packaged solutions that will enable you to implement ISO27001 at a speed and budget that is appropriate for your individual needs and preferred project approach.

Each fixed-price solution is a combination of products and services that can be accessed online and deployed by any company in the world.

ISO27001 Get A Little Help Package

ISO 27001 get-a-little-help package

This package is designed for organisations with some knowledge of information security and management systems.

It contains the core ISO27001 standards, two ISO7001 implementation guidance manuals, implementation tools, and attendance at our live online Lead Implementer and Lead Auditor training masterclasses.

Using the products and services in this package you will acquire the skills and knowledge to implement ISO27001 and protect your business from cyber criminals.

It’s time to fight back against the cyber criminals.

Our other packaged solutions to help you implement ISO27001 are:

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