World of Warcraft creators: Should we pay for protection?

Makers of popular online games, (such as World of Warcraft and Starcraft) Blizzard, are now facing a lawsuit over their data breach authentication system.

Two online gamers have filed the lawsuit, alleging that Blizzard has “failed to take the necessary measures to secure the private information of their customers, as stored on a website owned and administered by [Blizzard].” 

Blizzard’s authentication system requires gamers to pay $6.50 extra for protecting their accounts. The lawsuit deems this as ‘deceptive upselling’.

The game creators have fought back however,  claiming that the authentication system is an ‘optional tool’ to protect the users details if compromised outside of their infrastructure.

But as Blizzard has a track record of data breaches, doesn’t it just show that their basic level of security is not adequate enough to satisfy gamers’ needs?

Should consumers have to pay extra to have that level of security?  Or should it be a ‘given’ to receive those security measures, especially if we are investing in the companies’ product or service?

Source: InfoSecurity