With 1.5 million victims of cybercrime everyday – how strong are your cyber defenses?

The recent Norton Crime Report has stated over 1.5 million people fall victim to cybercrime every year. Norton also claimed that the total cost of consumer cybercrime was $110 billion.

These alarming statistics pose lots of questions to the individual and organizations. With mobile technology, social media and the blurring of the work and personal environments, organizations are being exposed to more and more risks. Yet very few are taking any preventative action.

At IT Governance we look to provide cost-effective solutions to meet the problems of real world individuals and organizations. That is why we have developed the Cyber Security Assessment Tool.

Cyber Security Assessment Tool Cyber Security Assessment Tool

Price: $80

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This in-expensive tool will allow your organization to quickly identify its current levels of cyber security, where there are gaps and what steps you need to take to close them.

Cyber security is an issue that needs to addressed, not ignored. For just $80 you can see where you stand and start to ensure you not exposed to a cyber attack.

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