Win the war against cyber crime with our cyber security boot camp

Cyber attacks are stronger and more prevalent than ever, wearing organisations down until attackers locate and exploit points of weakness.

For most organisations, it’s only a matter of time before the enemy breaches their defences. And with the cost of data breaches soaring and the potential for large fines under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you need to be prepared to fight back.

You can gain the necessary skills and learn the right tactics to lead your organisation’s charge by enlisting in our five-week boot camp.

Are you armed to defend your organisation from cyber attacks?

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As part of your training regimen, you’ll receive weekly emails describing the steps you must take to secure your organisation and repel enemy forces. They will instruct you on how to:

  1. Cover the basics

Your first task will be to shield your organisation against the most urgent threats with the help of the Cyber Essentials scheme. Backed by the UK government, the scheme identifies essential measures that can secure the majority of weaknesses.

  1. Drill your troops

Help your employees understand the threats they face with the help of regular staff awareness training. An effective training course will help them navigate threats more carefully, avoiding costly mistakes and tackling threats appropriately.

  1. Identify your weaknesses

Do your defences work as intended? You don’t want to wait until you come under attack to find out. That’s why you need to appoint someone who’ll view your defences in the same way an attacker would, identifying areas that can be exploited.

  1. Guard your critical assets

Perimeter defences aren’t enough when it comes to your most sensitive data. You must therefore review risks to critical assets and develop policies and processes to ensure someone is always keeping an eye on them.

  1. Fortify your processes

So far, so good, but now isn’t the time to get complacent. Attackers will keep coming back, armed with the knowledge of their previous battles. That’s why you must regularly review and update your defence strategy to stay one step ahead of the enemy.

Are you ready to fight back?

You can find out more about our strategy for defending your organisation by enlisting in our boot camp.

Those who sign up will receive a free copy of The Cyber Security Combat Plan, as well as weekly emails containing in-depth advice on how to complete each task.

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Cyber Security boot camp

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