Will you comply with the DPA in time to avoid the new penalties?

In a January blog post titled DATA PROTECTION: Act now or pay the price, I outlined the penalties which the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) will introduction for breaches of the data protection act (DPA) 1998.

The penalties expected are likly to be:

  • Fines of up to £500,000 for serious contraventions of the DPA;
  • 25 Monetary Penalty Notices (MPNs) are expected to be issued each year by the ICO;
  • Prison Sentences for deliberate or negligent customer data leaks by individuals within an organisation;
  • DPA compliance costs are set to rise accordingly, for UK organisations.

I went on to stress that there is now a narrow window of opportunity for organisations to review their privacy practices and information governance in order to prepare for what will be the much more hostile regulatory environment to come.

How are you getting on?

Feel free to comment on the blog and tell us about any successes you’ve had or problems you’ve encountered.

If you find yourself unsure of your level of compliance with he DPA you needn’t worry:

The good news is that the tools exist to help companies achieve compliance quickly and easily. We have recently launched the IT Governance Complete Data Protection Toolkit, which combines the:

  1. DPA Compliance Assessment Tool, the
  2. DPA Compliance Documentation Toolkit, the
  3. Data Protection Compliance in the UK pocket guide and the
  4. How to Survive a Data Breach pocket guide.

Comply with the DPA –

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