Will you be taking the COBIT 5 Foundation exam in 2014?

For a long time I have been considering taking the COBIT 5 Foundation exam as a way to boost my knowledge of COBIT, but have never really got round to putting aside the time to study and travel to a classroom-based course. Now though, I intend to study for the exam using an e-learning course and take the exam online through APMG’s website.

What are the benefits of COBIT 5 e-learning? 

There are many benefits in using e-learning to study for the COBIT 5 Foundation exam, including:

  • Study at a time and place that suit you
  • No expenses associated with attending classroom-based course i.e. travel or subsistence
  • Course fees are lower than classroom-based courses
  • Allows you to review course material multiple times, allowing you to get to grips with key information
  • Enables you to simulate an actual COBIT 5 Foundation exam to test your knowledge and identify any gaps
  • Comes with trainer support during the entire duration of your subscription to the online course

Don’t get me wrong, classroom-based COBIT 5 Foundation courses are ideal for some who prefer dealing with a human trainer and be able to draw on the expert knowledge that they share. Though for those that are short of time and of money, e-learning offers the perfect solution of quality and price in one package.

I for one, as mentioned above, will be using e-learning to study for the exam. I will also be reading the core COBIT 5 books in the COBIT 5 Publication Suite – the kit of books containing all the necessary information you need to support your COBIT 5 Foundation studies.

Buy a COBIT 5 Foundation online course subscription today

If you aim to take the COBIT 5 Foundation exam in 2014, take either an e-learning or a classroom-based course to boost your chances of passing at the first attempt!