Will there be a cyber war between Ukraine and Russia?

With the stand-off in the disputed region of Crimea continuing between Ukraine and Russia, the potential of a wider conflict arising is very real. But will this conflict overspill into cyberspace?

Judging from the past, if a conflagration does occur there can be no doubt that it will. There are previous examples where the parties involved in a conflict, including Russia, have employed their cyber warfare capabilities to pursue their aims, including the massive DDOS attack on Estonia in 2007 when a Soviet-era statue was moved, and during the 2008 Russo-Georgian war over South Ossetia.

There are already rumblings in cyberspace of a potential cyber conflict: according to a report on the BBC website, Ukraine’s mobile networks have already come under sustained attack. Ukrainian hacktivists have also reportedly attacked 40 different Russian websites.

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