Will the Budget help drive business transformation?

Whilst I don’t entirely agree with everything the chancellor announced in yesterday’s Budget, I am pleased to see measures being put in place to help UK businesses to grow. Economic growth can only be helped by the prosperity of businesses that create jobs and produce goods & services that can be exported abroad, boosting GDP.

Axing stamp duty on shares traded on growth markets, such as the Aim, is very encouraging as further investment in these businesses should allow for more innovation and more jobs. The 1% drop in corporation tax will help businesses somewhat, and the commitment of Government procurement from small firms to rise fivefold should be a welcome break for SMEs across the country.

Is it too little, too late?

Many of these announcements will not come into effect straight away and certainly not soon enough to affect growth forecasts for 2013. In fact, these forecasts have been halved to 0.6%.

Looking back over the last five years, with several recessions, numerous high profile bankruptcies and entire business models under serious threat, today’s picture is very different.  Boards have their shareholders breathing down their necks impatient for faster business transformation.

How do you identify the changes that will benefit your business and begin to implement them?

One approach some companies adopt to address these challenges is to buy a start-up in the hope that this will drive change. However, this rarely works out well as the clash of cultures is usually too great.

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