Who owns your information in the Cloud?

Well, naturally you would assume that you own your information in the Cloud. After all, it’s your information – isn’t it?

Seemingly, this wouldn’t appear so. If you look at the small print of Apple, you’ll find out that all songs bought from the iTunes store are merely leased and not purchased outright. They are therefore not yours to keep forever and do what you want with them. This means Apple (the iTunes Cloud server) still owns that data and not you.

The truth is that anything you store in the Cloud – whether it is your songs, photographs, movies, emails, apps, games, instant messaging exchanges, Skype calls, credit card information, banking records or web searches – is largely controlled by someone else. Whether it’s Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Yahoo! or Amazon, they are all Cloud servers who could have the right to control your information.

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Source: London Evening Standard