Who can protect you from cyber crime and cyber attacks? Would ISO27001 please stand up

Cyber security is an issue that all organizations must address. Consider these facts:

  • Modern businesses and organizations must protect themselves from the growing threat of cyber attacks and cyber crime
  • Cyber security is a senior management issue not just an IT issue
  • Protection of your critical assets should cover systems, networks and work practices
  • Ensuring staff are trained in cyber security is as important as having robust system defences
  • Effective and robust cyber security can help you win new business, improve customer confidence and reduce IT expenditure

So, how do you ensure you have robust, effective and proportional cyber security for your organization? Would ISO27001 please stand up.

But what is ISO27001?

  • ISO27001 is the new, world leading cyber security standard
  • ISO27001 is the only internationally recognised cyber security standard, which an organization can be certified against
  • ISO27001 provides a framework for creating a cyber security management system
  • ISO27001 will help you identify the risks to your organisation and build defences to protect yourself from them
  • ISO27001 will help you create documentation, systems and work practices to ensure the continual protection against cyber crime and cyber attack

Cyber security and ISO27001 can seem like a daunting issue to tackle within an organization. It is complex and an ISO27001 project is not something that can be achieved overnight. ISO27001 is a relatively new international standard, however it is quickly becoming the benchmark for cyber security defences within organizations. More and more organizations are adopting ISO27001 and reaping the business benefits of being aligned to the standard.

You can find more information about ISO27001, its benefits and a free white paper here >>>

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