Which, Why & How is an ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit Right For You?

Before we get on the ‘which’, lets explore ‘why’ and ‘how’ the ISO 27001 ISMS toolkit range has helped hundreds of organisations across the world to achieve ISO 27001 certification readiness.

‘WHY’ choose an ISO 27001 ISMS toolkit?

The hardest part of achieving ISO 27001 certification is the documentation of the Information Security Management System (ISMS). The documentation that is necessary to create a conforming system can, particularly in more complex businesses, be up to a thousand pages.

A toolkit can accelerate your ISO 27001 project immensely. The key benefits of a toolkit are:

  • A toolkit is cheaper than one days’ consultancy
  • Provides clear guidance on the role of risk assessment
  • Template documents are easy to edit and customise
  • Template documents save you time on research
  • Template documents save you time on procedure writing
  • Makes you your own expert
  • An after sales support service
  • 12 months of automatic updates

Watch to Alan Calder on the ISO 27001 Toolkit:









Then there’s the ‘HOW to do it’ issue.

The resource, time and management implications of making all this happen are immense. But that’s where toolkits come in. Our toolkits are precisely tailored to the requirements of ISO 27001 and contain pre-written documents, which can be tailored to your organisation. Our unique document support service offers after sales support to answer your queries, and each toolkit includes 12 months of free updates

Importantly, you do not want hundreds and hundreds of policies, after all ISO 27001 only requires 7 policies. By purchasing a toolkit, you receive a set of policies and procedures that really enable you to implement ISO 27001.

And finally, ‘WHICH’ toolkit is right for you?

No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit No 3 ISO27001 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit

Price: £1,795
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The No 3 Comprehensive ISMS Toolkit contains everything you need to implement a successful ISO 27001 project. It also includes the risk assessment tool, vsRisk. It contains the documentation toolkit; the 3 information security standards; the 2 most authoritative books available and a LiveOnline consultancy session to help you along the way.

ALL other versions of the best selling ISO 27001 ISMS toolkit take into consideration that you may already have the standards, or a risk assessment tool, or any other of the six key components. There is a version to suite your requirements.

See the matrix of components of each of the toolkits:

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