Which service management functions and processes are the most confusing?

Service management functions and processes are pretty straightforward for the most part, but there are always certain ones that people get stuck on. The usual suspects are Configuration Management, Application Management, Service Portfolio Management, Change Management, Problem Management and Incident Management.

Some people find these functions and processes a breeze, but many find them hard to understand. Sure, there are reliable sources of guidance on how these functions and processes should operate, such as the core ITIL® books, but sometimes, no matter how much you try, you just cannot get your head around the concepts. It may be that you need to take an accredited e-learning course to become an ITIL Expert to really start to get to grips with the key points.

Which functions or processes confuse you?

I put the question to you, the service management community: which service management functions or processes do you find the most confusing? I also ask, how do you intend to get to grips with these functions and processes?

Learn more about ITIL functions and processes by taking an accredited ITIL e-learning courseor by reading the core ITIL books.