Where there are people there are risks

When I tell people that I work in the information and cyber security industry, they all picture high tech equipment and futuristic server rooms underground behind huge steel doors. However their faces drop when I say “I’m more focused on the people and processes aspect of cyber security”.

Yes, cyber security is not just about software. People and processes may not be as exciting as technology, but they are critical components of cyber security. What’s the point in spending £££’s on cyber security software, only to find out you were breached due to someone not implementing it properly?

The government recently announced the ‘10 steps to cyber security’ framework, which discusses 10 important factors all organisations must focus on to ensure they are cyber secure. The framework states that “Basic information risk management can stop up to 80% of the cyber attacks seen today”.

Do you have a mobile and home-working policies that staff have been trained to follow? Do you monitor user activity, and access to activity to audit logs? Are all sensitive devices appropriately encrypted? The checklist goes on … If an organisation doesn’t know its cyber security stance; the risk for data breaches is higher.

We have put together an infographic which displays the 10 steps to cyber security, and have put them against results of relevant surveys just to give you an idea of where some organisations stand with cyber security.

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