What The Experts Are Saying About ITIL® 2011


The ITIL 2011 Updates have been out now for over 2 weeks, which has given some experts the chance to read and digest the editions.

So what did they think to the updated titles?

Paul Wigzel who is a freelance trainer and consultant in the Service Management industry said that ITIL 2011 Service Transition was a “far greater improvement” than he was expecting. Paul goes on to say; “The structure, layout and overall feel of this volume is a big improvement and I would have little hesitation in recommending clients purchase, read and most importantly use this volume.” Paul also describes one of the greatest improvements “was the clarity now given to CSFs and KPIs. The link and the structure they have within the manual should greatly aid new users/adopters.”

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Claire Agutter who is the lead tutor for IT Training Zone Ltd said that ITIL 2011 Service Strategy is “clearer and more consistent, and provides detailed guidance around challenging material including financial management for IT services.” She suggests that “Strategy is relevant for all organisations. Whether you are large or small, not-for profit, public or private sector, this book contains guidance that will be relevant and useful for you. If you’re studying for the ITIL exams then this book is recommended reading, but you’ll find its use extends into your day to day role as well.”

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Claire also commented on the ITIL 2011 Service Operation: “The 2011 revision of Service Operation includes even more practical guidance – around important areas like problem management techniques.”

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Ian Clayton, author of USMBOK sums up the ITIL 2011 updates as a whole:

“The latest edition of ITIL is a much needed update to its predecessor, providing more easily understood language, and the addition of new guidance including Business Relationship Management and Strategy Management for IT, both vital to the successful design and operation of a IT service management initiative.”

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