What is the Business Continuity Risk Management Pack?

Organisations face a myriad of risks and threats. It’s imperative to identify and assess these in order to effectively mitigate them before disaster strikes.  

Your organisation may have business continuity plans in place, but are you confident in their ability to help you recover from a disruption?  

The Business Continuity Risk Management Pack will help you develop effective business continuity plans tailored to your organisation’s unique needs. It comprises three customisable documents: Risk Assessment Procedure, Risk Register/Treatment Plan and a Business Impact Analysis Tool. 


Risk Assessment Procedure 

What is it? Risk assessment is a vital step in determining your organisation’s risk appetite.  

What does it do? This document outlines how to conduct business continuity risk assessments. It also explains risk identification, categorisation and how to conduct a risk analysis and evaluation. 

How will it help? It will provide a clear overview of your organisation’s risk assessment procedure. It will summarise how your organisation conducts risk assessments, risk identification, categorisation, analysis, evaluation and treatment.  


Risk Register/Treatment Plan 

What is it? The Risk Register/Treatment Plan clearly displays the outcomes from the risk analysis, allowing you to monitor them accordingly.  

What does it do? Once set up, this tool will help you to establish the impact criteria and likelihood scale needed to complete an accurate risk assessment.  

How will it help? It will give you a comprehensive overview of the risks your organisation faces. The dashboard will show the number of risks along with their mitigation status, so you can clearly see what’s in progress, what’s not been started and what’s complete. 


Business Impact Analysis Tool 

What is it? A business impact analysis provides the key outputs for developing comprehensive and effective business continuity plans. 

What does it do? This tool will enable you to carry out a business impact analysis for all activities/processes that are critical to your organisation’s functionality, which will determine the priorities for recovery following a disruption. 

How will it help? A business impact analysis helps organisations prioritise their vulnerabilities and take action to mitigate the effects of unplanned business disruptions. 


Ensure your organisation is fully prepared to recover critical business operations in the event of a disruptive incident with the Business Continuity Risk Management Pack.  

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