What is ISO 20000 and what are the benefits of adopting it in your organisation?

If you’re interested in ITIL, then you will be interested in ISO 20000. They go hand in hand together and draw on each other to develop best practice IT service management for people and processes.

What is ISO 20000?

ISO 20000 is the international standard for IT service management, and offers organisational certification. It draws strongly on ITIL, and includes additional material on managing suppliers and the business, as well as Security Management. The standard helps organisations deliver managed services, measures service levels and assesses their performance.

The benefits of ISO 20000

  • Produces higher IT service quality
  • Increases customer satisfaction with an ability to meet customer requirements
  • Improves user productivity
  • Assists your organisation in benchmarking its IT service management
  • Creates a framework for independent assessment

To gain a better understanding of ISO 20000, read our pocket guide which provides an overview to the purpose of the standard and explains how it can be used:


ISO/IEC 20000: An introduction to the global standard for service management

ISO/IEC 20000: An introduction to the global standard for service management

Topics covered include qualification programmes, certification schemes and the interrelationship of ISO20000 with other standards, such as ISO27001.

Gain a better understanding of ISO 20000 with this pocketbook!

If you are an organisation contemplating tackling ISO 20000, then our collection of ISO 20000 standards is the ideal starting point:


ISO20000 Standard Collection

ISO20000 Standard Collection

This ISO 20000 Standard Collection contains both main parts of ISO20000 itself as well as three of the most useful guides to the standard.

Tackle ISO 20000 with this collection of standards