What is Cyber Security?

According to the Oxford Dictionary cyber security is:

Cyber –  


  • relating to or characteristic of the culture of computers, information technology, and virtual reality 

Security –

noun (plural securities)

  • the state of being free from danger or threat

Generally, as people, we protect assets regardless of their purpose – business, sentiment, worth, etc. We lock our houses – so applying this theory to the world of technology, cyber security is us protecting our technological assets.

Whether we are the consumer, provider or supplier, in one aspect of our daily lives we use cyber space – for whatever reason. When I log into my iTunes account on the go, or, when I need to retrieve a file that has been stored within my companies cloud storage, I am accessing the cyber world and I really don’t think twice about doing so.

Do I need to think about this as a customer?


Do I need to think about this as a business owner?


Are we?

No and we should.

Unfortunately for us cyber attackers are smart, they know what they have to do to get into systems that aren’t protected and scarily organisations put up no fight. Unfortunately for us, they are one step ahead and in common cases before it is realized an attack has taken place they have been in and out, copied data, stolen data, sold your data to only they know who.

What seems silly is that we are all aware that we should be doing something but that, and for some reason we assume that it won’t be us and we only have to protect ourselves when it becomes law… Sigh!

Protect your network, check that your cyber security competencies, content filtering – what’s that?  Learn what these elements mean to you and your organisation, then analyze if you can afford to ignore cyber security. I think you’ll find that you really can’t.

We can help you to get one step ahead of your attackers, so that if in the unfortunate event that they may get into your systems, they can’t take your most valuable business asset – information!

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