What is cyber security?

There are many definitions for cyber security, but these often overlap and contradict each other. So in simple terms, here is our explanation of cyber security:

”Cyber security is the protection of systems, networks and data in cyber space.”

If you look after systems that are connected to the internet then you are involved in cyber security.

Armed with this basic understanding of cyber security, you are no doubt puzzled as to where to start protecting your assets. The best place is to begin with a risk assessment. By completing a risk assessment you can understand what the risks, threats and vulnerabilities of your networks, systems and data really are and begin to comprehend how to reduce and handle them. The authors of The Information Security Risk Assessment Toolkit provides handy step-by-step guidance on how to undertake a risk assessment.

Once you understand what the risks of your business are, you can then decide on how they are best dealt with, or to use a clearer term, mitigated.

But what methods, tools and techniques really work in mitigating cyber risks?

The authors of Hacking 7 Exposed cover the latest methods used by third-parties to access assets that they don’t have the right to. They then detail how you can protect your systems, networks and data from unauthorised access.

With cyber security becoming more of a hot topic day by day, ensure your networks, systems and data are secure using the guidance in the above books.