What is CompTIA CASP and why is it important to your career?

IT Governance Ltd has this week announced the launch of its new CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) training course. Designed to complement our Professional Certifications portfolio, the CASP course is a five-day classroom session that delivers the practical knowledge required to understand and implement effective information security controls in complex enterprise organisations. It also provides a complete preparation to ensure that delegates pass the CASP examination on their first attempt.

So, what is CASP and where does it fit into the professional development profile of a successful information security manager? How does it compare to the requirements for achieving CISSP, which is still considered to be the gold standard of infosec certifications?

CASP was launched by CompTIA in 2011 and is intended to be a ‘master’ level qualification. Designed to build on the knowledge obtained from the CompTIA Security+ study programme, CASP enables candidates to learn how to apply critical thinking across a broad spectrum of security disciplines to implement solutions that directly map to enterprise drivers.

CompTIA qualifications are highly respected in the industry, and the entry-level certificates such as A+, Network+ and Security+ are recommended internationally as the choice for professionals who wish to develop their career in technical IT. The same pragmatic and straightforward approach to course content and the structure of exams has been adopted for CASP. Delegates that already hold CompTIA Security+ will find the CASP exam relatively easy to pass first time. While CompTIA recommends that delegates have a minimum of five years’ information security experience, this is not a mandatory requirement for the award of the CASP certificate.

CASP is approved by the US Department of Defense (DoD 8570) to meet IA technical, management and system architect/engineer certification requirements. While this may not be directly relevant to those working in non-US locations, bear in mind that your career my one day take you to the US and that big companies like Dell, HP and IBM demand that their advanced information security personnel all hold CASP.

The (ISC)2 CISSP remains the most valued global information security qualification. This reputation is well earned and is justified by the requirement to learn a huge amount of complex information, complete a long and difficult examination, and demonstrate five years’ working experience in the relevant knowledge domains. It is worth noting that these knowledge domains are increasingly becoming more about the management of information security rather than a detailed understanding of specific technical security controls.

While CASP is not as highly regarded as CISSP by employers, it does provide a very credible and valued ‘master’ level infosec certificate, particularly for a manager from a technical background and who already holds CompTIA qualifications. As much of the technical requirements are similar to those of CISSP, it also provides an ideal stepping stone for delegates working toward CISSP in the future.

Please see our dedicated product page for more information on our CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) training course.

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