What is a toolkit? Plus special offer!

You may have heard us talk about them, and you may even have seen them on the website, but do you actually know what an IT Governance toolkit is?

What is a toolkit? An IT Governance toolkit is a product made up of pre-written documents and templates that contain:

  • Policies
  • Procedures
  • Processes
  • Work instructions
  • Forms and records

You can download these ‘toolkits’ or buy them on CD-ROM.

What do they do? They are designed to help you achieve certification or compliance against a specific standard/framework/regulation. These include ITIL, ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO9001, Social Media, ISO14001 and many more.

A little bit more about them….They are intended to accommodate any sized organisation within any sector, in alignment with the standard/framework/regulation. They are scalable for different sized organisations, are easy to use and easily accessible to those working within the organisation.

And why should you use one?

  • Accelerates your project
  • Reduces your project (internal resource and external support) costs
  • Cost-effectively deploys best practice
  • Makes you your own expert
  • Gives you access to drafting expertise
  • Avoids costly, credibility-destroying trial-and-error methods
  • Accelerates organisational learning
  • Crystallizes your approach to complex issues
  • Brings continual improvements to ensure your organisation stays ahead of the curve
  • Pre-written model policies and processes account for all the key issues
  • Templated forms and documents save you time

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