What every IT security professional could learn from Alan Calder

Alan Calder is an acknowledged international cyber-security guru and a leading author on information security and IT governance issues.

Founder director of IT Governance Ltd and author of best-selling “IT Governance – a Manager’s Guide“, Alan is a key figure for IT professionals as he was responsible for the world’s first ISO27001 implementation (then BS 7799) in 1996.

Take a look at three of his most popular books:

Three ISO 27001 Books by Alan Calder Three ISO 27001 Books by Alan Calder

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Alan has a strong track record in the information security field, working with a wide range of clients on projects which include the design, implementation and deployment of management systems.

Alan has a unique writing style that has enabled him to communicate effectively with IT security professionals, providing extensive knowledge for readers on information security and ISO 27001.

“Great books and outstanding customer service from your company! I am actually excited about the prospect of reading the books. Most books of this nature actually put me to sleep, but the writing style and material makes the topic interesting to read.”

The “writing style throughout all three books was particularly helpful to my understanding of issues surrounding ISO 27001 implementation and certification.”