What do the Ash Cloud, the Airline Strikes, the World Cup and Pandemic Swine Flu have in common?

Q – What do the Ash Cloud, the Airline Strikes, the World Cup and Pandemic Swine Flu have in common?

A – They all have the ability to cripple an organisation in a very short period of time!

That is, of course, NOT including organisations which have taken the time to implement a business continuity plan in line with best practice standards, such as BS25999.

In the past month, the Ash Cloud and airline strike action have left people stranded all over the world. Going back to last year, the Swine Flu Pandemic pushed absence levels through the roof, and over the next few months the World Cup will again mean unplanned absence will rise as football supporters will go all-out to watch their country, rather than meet their contractual obligations, such as attending work.

Consequences of leaving these issues unchecked:

When your organisation can no longer meet its deadlines, or provide customers with the high quality of service they expect, you have a problem. Unplanned absence also has a bad effect on morale, putting the rest of the team under pressure, as they struggle to deal with the additional workload. Unplanned absence can occur as a result of force majeure (for example, when an airline is hit by strike action), or because of poor employee motivation and commitment.

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BS25999 is the best practice standard for business continuity plans, and every organisation should, for its own survival, follow as much of the BS25999 guidance as is appropriate for its specific circumstances.

The BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit contains all the templates and tools that enable a BC manager to quickly and effectively implement a BCMS in line with BS25999.

In addition to all the many document templates, this unique toolkit contains:

  • PDCA guidance;
  • a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Tool;
  • a Risk Assessment and Risk Register Tool;
  • a BS25999 Gap Analysis/Audit Tool;
  • an BS25999 Induction and Awareness Slide Presentation;
  • a BS25999 implementation progress checklist;
  • a BS25999 Project Management Implementation Plan.

This toolkit also contains electronic copies of the following specialist guides, which are useful both for the project manager and for other team members, as well as for training and awareness activity.

This toolkit also comes with an inbuilt 12-month support and upgrade contract that ensures that buyers benefit from all improvements to the toolkit for 12 months. IT provides online documentation Email drafting support as and when you need it.

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