What did you do for European Cyber Security Month?

Throughout October, cyber security experts have been helping Europeans understand the importance of effective information security practices as part of Cyber Security Month.

The campaign may be drawing to a close, but there is still plenty you can do to boost your awareness of cyber security risks. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned in the past month, and what you can do to stay secure at home and in the workplace.

What should you remember about Cyber Security Month?

Advice came in many forms during Cyber Security Month, including a helpful infographic that provided some excellent tips for those using new software or hardware.

Among its suggestions are to:

  • Change default passwords when setting up an account;
  • Turn on automatic security updates; and
  • Review where you store personal data and who has access to it.

IT Governance also did its part to spread awareness of cyber security and the steps people can take to protect themselves.

We wrote several blogs throughout the month, explaining some of the biggest mistakes that lead to data breaches. For example, did you know that 77% of UK workers don’t receive cyber skills training and 23 million people use ‘123456’ as their password?

We also discussed the surge in cyber attacks over the past few years. This included our thoughts on a Hiscox report that found that 61% of organisations reported a data breach in the past year and two security experts’ opinions on the rise in formjacking attacks.

Likewise, we explained the after-effects of a data breach, and continued our monthly review of phishing scams and of the latest data breaches and cyber attacks.

Last, we reviewed the ramifications of British Airways’ 2018 data breach, which led to a potential £183.4 million fine, and the ways organisations can stem the near-constant flow of ransomware attacks.

It’s not too late to get involved in Cyber Security Month

There were events across Europe affiliated with Cyber Security Month throughout October, but it’s not too late if you want to get involved.

There are three events running in the UK in November:

On 5 and 6 November, professionals in the business continuity, cyber security, risk management and resilience sectors will gather in London to take part in workshops, explore case studies and listen to keynote speeches.

This conference takes place on 21 November in Manchester. It will feature speeches on how to implement strong security measures and how technological advancement creates opportunities and challenges for staying secure.

On the morning of 13 November, Adarma and Harry McLaren will discuss Security Operation Centres and the roles and responsibilities in that environment.

The event will include a presentation by Prof Bill Buchanan of Edinburgh Napier University.

These are by no means your only options if you want to be more active in the cyber security community. As professional and recreational interest in cyber security grows, there are increasing opportunities to take part in events.

The most popular UK events include the Cyber Security & Data Protection Summit, which takes place this year on 20 November, and the International Security Expo 2019 on 3 and 4 December.

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