What can we expect from CobiT 5? Part 1

With the impending launch of CobiT 5, this iteration of the control framework does seem a bit of a sea-change. But what are the changes that are being made in this version of CobiT?

Well, CobiT 5 is based on a revised process reference model. It has a new governance domain and several new or amended processes. These processes cover enterprise activities end to end.

All of the guidance that was previously published as a disparate range of frameworks i.e. CobiT 4.1, Val IT and Risk IT, has been consolidated into one framework. This new framework has been fully aligned with current best practices such as ITIL, TOGAF and ISO/IEC 27001.

CobiT 5 introduces five new governance processes in total. These processes have improved on the guidance originated in CobiT 4.1, Val IT and Risk IT. These new processes help an organisation to refine and strengthen the governance of information technology practices activities at management level. They are also aligned with ISO/IEC 385000 and support integration with existing organisational governance practices.

The new or amended processes in CobiT 5 are as follows:

  • APO03 Manage Enterprise Architecture.
  • APO04 Manage Innovation.
  • APO05 Manage Portfolio.
  • APO06 Manage Budget and Costs.
  • APO08 Manage Relationships.
  • APO13 Manage Security.
  • BAI05 Manage Organisational Change Enablement.
  • BAI08 Manage knowledge.
  • BAI09 Manage Assets.
  • DSS05 Manage Security Service.
  • DSS06 Manage Business Process Controls.

In CobiT 5 the control objectives from Cobit 4.1 and Val IT and Risk IT processes have now been renamed as governance or management practices. The activities in CobiT 5 are the equivalents to the CobiT 4.1 control practices and Val IT and Risk IT management practices. CobiT 5 combines them into one cohesive framework.

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To be continued…………


  1. Claire Brereton 2nd April 2012
    • James Warren 3rd April 2012