What are the barriers to adopting a service culture in IT?

It has been about six months since I wrote a blog about adopting a service management culture. It is gratifying to see in the last six months that AXELOS®, the owners of the ITIL® service management methodology, has woken up to the importance that culture plays in any service management project. Phil Hearsum, ITSM portfolio holder at AXELOS, wrote a blog post in September 2014 on the cultural aspects of service management.

Phil makes some very apt points about adopting a service culture in an organisation, particularly about IT professionals seeing themselves as separate from the business, and additionally about the role national cultures play in how organisations address service management.

I believe, as with any other major project, the barriers are both human- and process-based. If you don’t have the right people with the right attitude – including crucial top management buy-in – and the relevant service management processes in place using an approach such as ITIL, then you are unlikely to succeed with any service management project.

The two simple steps you can take to help any ITIL or service management project succeed are to recruit the right people and to ensure you utilise the source of best practice for service management that is found in the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite.