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PRINCE2 is the UK Office of Government Commerce’s Project Management Methodology. PRINCE (‘Projects in Controlled Environments’), is a project management method that deals with the organisation, management and control of projects. Thanks to a flexible and adaptable approach, it provides a framework covering all aspects of a project.

The 7 processes of PRINCE2 include:

  • Starting up a project – Preparing a project brief, assigning roles, defining the approach, and planing the next stage.
  • Initiating a project – Planning a project, project controls, business case, project initiation document.
  • Directing a project – Authorising a project, project direction and project closure.
  • Controlling a stage – Authorising work to be undertaken and its completion, assessing and reviweing progress.
  • Managing stage boundaries – Planning the stages of the project, updating the project plan, business case and risk assessment, creation of an exception plan.
  • Managing product delivery – Delivering a work package to agreed requirements.
  • Closing a project – Executing a controlled close to the project.

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Plan the project, not the outcome of the project

A project is a delivery mechanism. It is a way of taking your organisation, or some part of your organisation, from its current state to a preferred state. In their eagerness to reach the destination, organisations can neglect the means of transport.

Contemporary organisations are imbued at every level with information technology. Changing any part of that technology, or implementing new technology, will have far-reaching effects on the organisation, including effects on the organisation as a whole, indirect effects that can be uncovered only through patient investigation and analysis.

As a senior manager you do not want to be bothered with such details. Nor do you need to be specifically aware of them. But it is very important you understand that this is why projects can seem to take a long time before getting anywhere, and that the longer and the more exhaustive the analysis and planning, the more likely that the project will result in a successful outcome with no significant time or cost overruns. You need a tool that will help you save time and money. Something that will help you manage tasks more easily!

Avoid failures – use only the best tools for project teams and managers!

BugBox is the best PRINCE2 issue management software in the world. It solves two persistent project management problems:

  1. Controlling ownership, and
  2. Fixing issues.

This tool is simple, robust, and effective PRINCE2 software for project teams and managers. BugBox helps you track issues and manage tasks through simple workflow.

BugBox is accredited as PRINCE2 software by the APM Group. PRINCE2 is a logical, flexible and simple project management methodology invented by the UK Government and now used by many organisations throughout the world. The APM Group manages the PRINCE2 method on behalf of the UK Government.

Since launch in 2001, BugBox users now number in the thousands globally.

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BugBox PRINCE2® Software for Project Teams

BugBox, PRINCE2 software for project teams

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“The BugBox product is very well constructed and being a server-side administrator previous to my current job, I can inform you that the product is very easy to install, and sits very well within your software suite. It also works extremely well with MS Access and SQL Server. I had no problems at all in the time that I was responsible for the Bugbox build at my last workplace.” Mr G Cummings

“This is a great product! It dispenses with the unnecessary bits that you normally find in a management logging and control tool and helps you focus on the real objectives of Project Management – controlling ownership and fixing issues. Highly recommended, as it actually does what it says on the box.” T Travlos