Weekly discussion podcast: Critical Information Infrastructure, Part 3

Weekly Discussion Podcast - Critical Information Infrastructure - GDPR #GDPRJoinTheDiscussion

This week’s extract is taken from Toomas Viira’s book Lessons Learned – Critical Information Infrastructure Protection, which is a vital source of information and thought-provoking insights into potential issues within critical information infrastructure (CII).

Episode 3 – Critical Infrastructure: “. Information and communications technology (ICT) is a critical sector in many countries. However, depending on the country, information systems play a significant role in most sectors and consequently in providing critical services. This means that critical information systems are not only used in ICT but also in energy, transport, finance, medicine and many other sectors.”

The book offers 23 key lessons, including how to:

  • Describe the critical infrastructure service and determine its service level;
  • Identify and analyse the interconnections and dependencies of information systems;
  • Create a functioning organisation to protect CII; and
  • Train people to make sure they are aware of cyber threats and know the correct behaviour.

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