Weekly discussion podcast #9: Security in the Digital World

Security in the Digital World

This week’s extract is taken from Graham Day’s book Security in the Digital World. This must-have guide features simple explanations, examples and advice to help you become security-aware in a developing digital world.

Discussion Podcast Episode 9 – Security in the Digital World, THE THREATS:

“Traditionally, hackers have mainly targeted commercial organisations or governments, be it for monetary gain or commercial espionage, or to cause political upset or influence public opinion. However, hackers are now targeting home networks as much as commercial entities or public bodies.”

Learn how to:

  • Keep your information secure;
  • Apply the necessary controls to your home network;
  • Protect your family from cyber crime;
  • Prevent identity theft when shopping online or using contactless payment; and
  • Keep your children safe when using the Internet.


For your chance to WIN a copy of this new eBook, simply answer the following question…

Q: Groups of computer hackers whom use their skills and knowledge to further a political agenda or personal belief are commonly known as… what?

  • Send your answer via email to: team@itgovernancepublishing.co.uk
  • Use the subject line ‘Security in the Digital World Competition’.
  • One winning entry will be selected at random.
  • Instructions will be sent to the winner via email.
  • The closing date for entries (this week) is midday on Thursday 29th March 2018.

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