Waltzing with the Elephant – eBook for the weekend

Do you know what it’s like to waltz with the elephant?

You do it, de facto, on a day-to-day basis; you depend on the elephant for routine operations and future performance. Elephant helps you manage your computer network, store your corporate data and communicate within and outside your network.

The elephant is IT.

This book is about:

Waltzing with the Elephant (eBook) explores and informs you about the importance of top level understanding of, and engagement in the processes for directing and controlling the use of IT as a tool of business. It aims at building a shared understanding that leads to a well-integrated system for the governance of IT from the boardroom to the coalface, framed around the guidance in ISO/IEC 38500 standard.

The book lays the foundations for consistent, effective conversation about the use of IT across all levels of the enterprise, from boardroom to coalface. It is babble-free but jam-packed with insight to issues that should be addressed when making decisions about living with existing IT solutions and investing in new ones.

‘Waltzing with the Elephant is a must-have for any organisation that is serious about the governance of IT. It will help you align IT with your organisational objectives and achieve improved results.’Jamie Titchener, Product Manager, IT Governance


Waltzing with the Elephant (eBook)

Waltzing with the ElephantBuy now! Key Features and Benefits:

  • A guide to making important decisions concerning IT from a board perspective. This book will guide you and your board through the complexities of IT governance decisions that are imperative to all organisations, helping you to avoid the pitfalls.
  • Lays a framework for the effective use of IT throughout the organisation. All of the guidance is based around the framework purveyed in the ISO/IEC 38500 standard. Making this book a must-have best practice resource.
  • Written by Mark Toomey, one of the authors of the ISO/IEC 38500 and AS 8015 IT governance standards. This means Mark has a knowledge of the standards that is very much unique and, he shares this knowledge with you in this book.
  • Unlike some other technical books that are full of babble, this book is written in plain English – making the information useful to any director or senior manager within an organisation.

Download this eBook today and read this weekend for the effective governance of IT in your organisation – Buy now!