vsRisk v1.5 – the leading ISO27001 risk assessment tool

The latest edition of the leading ISO27001 risk assessment tool, vsRisk v1.5, responds to international customer feedback with a range of new features that makes vsRisk even easier to use:

Below are some of the new features in vsRisk v1.5

  • Operating System – vsRisk v1.5 is now compatible with a wide range of operating systems, including Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP, and can run on 64 bit machines.
  • vsRisk v1.5 can record risk controls that are planned for future introduction including target date for implementation, in addition to those already deployed. This functionality means that, as well as producing audit reports, vsRisk can serve as a day-to-day operational tool, showing at a glance where an organisation stands in its progress towards ISO27001 compliance.
  • Improved reporting functionality, including:
    • Automatic versioning control;
    • Additional information has been added to the Risk Assessment reports;
    • New Sign-off box on the bottom of reports;
  • Further enhancements have been made through improved risk treatment plan filtering, which enables the user to select and view precisely the controls and assets they require.
  • Enhanced threat and vulnerability lists, with a complete set of ISO27005 threats and vulnerabilities..
  • Extended Comment Reporting Functionality, allowing the user to address and date all comments raised, therefore, allowing all outstanding issues to be closed.
  • As well as supporting ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, vsRisk v1.5 complies with BS7799-3, ISO27005, NIST SP 800-30 and the UK’s Risk Assessment Standard.

vsRisk™ helps you get on top of the critical risk assessment phase of your ISMS project and, importantly, sets you up for future risk assessments as well. Order your copy today.