Value added business resilience offer

As part of our campaign to make Cyber Security & Business Resilience affordable for all IT Governance Customers, we have bundled two additional resources with our best selling BCM BS25999 Toolkit.

If you are looking for business resilience across a wide range of risks, BS25999 and the BCM BS25999 toolkit is for you …

BS25999, the Business Continuity Standard, is of real importance to everyone from Board directors, corporate executives and IT managers through to facilities managers and business continuity professionals. Service disruptions, delays in responding to customer requests, inability to process transactions in a timely manner or being unable to resume business in the face of a disaster can all have significant impacts on an organisation’s effective operation.


Buy the BCM & BS25999 Toolkit – Get the UK Swine Flu Pandemic Toolkit & eBook FREE!

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Until the end of January, when you purchase the BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit and Manager’s guide, we’ll let you have the Pandemic Toolkit and a recently published eBook Coping with Unplanned Absences free!

  1. Purchase the BS25999 BCMS Implementation Toolkit and Manager’s guide today.
  2. Get Pandemic Toolkit – UK Business Toolkit for Pandemic Swine Flu, Free!
  3. And get, Coping with Unplanned Absences (eBook), Free!

This offer will only be available until the end of January 2011!

Protect your organisation and purchase this essential bundle of business resilience tools today!