Use your Commuting time to Prepare for the ITILv3 Foundation Exam

  • Want to pass the ITILv3 Foundation Exam?
  • Struggle to find the time for Exam preperations?
  • Spend hours in the car, at the gym or always on the go?

Order this vital audio course to the ITIL®v3 Foundation exam and make the most of your time when commuting – buy now!

ITIL (V3) Foundation – Exam Prep Course (Audiobook, Download)

ITIL (V3) Foundation - Exam Prep Course (Audiobook, Download)
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  • If you are always on the go and have little time, use the dead periods when travelling to study for your ITIL Foundation exam using this audio course. Study at a time, place and pace that suites you.
  • Fully aligned with the 2009 ITIL Foundation exam syllabus – making this the only up-to-date audio course available.
  • This course comes as an electronic download in MP3 format, you can either add it to your play list on your MP3 player or burn it to a CD for use in your car. This allows mixmum flexibility.
  • Comes with a practice exam, allowing you to test your ITIL knowledge to ensure you ready to take the exam.

The three modules in this course are:

  1. Exam Preparation Course – The first part is a full exam preparation course reviewing all of the important topic areas you will need to know to pass the Foundation exam. It covers key process areas, terminology, and roles, delivered in a simple-to-understand format that strips away much of the complexity normally associated with ITIL learning materials.
  2. Quick Study Review – The second part is a short review of the most important materials from the ITIL Foundation exam. This recording presents an overview of each section of the full course in bullet point fashion. It is perfect for use as a review before the examination or as a quick reference in the future, after you have passed the exam.
  3. Sample Exam Questions – The third part consists of sixty (60) sample exam questions delivered in multiple choice audio format. This will help you test your knowledge while driving to and from work, going to the gym with your iPod, riding your bike, or just spending a relaxing evening on the sofa. Test your knowledge to make sure you are ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam.

This course is fully aligned with the 2009 revisions to the ITIL Foundation exam syllabus.

Start learning for your ITIL Foundation exam in a truly flexible manner, using this audio course.

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