Use ITIL® to get started with ISO 20000

IT organisations often wonder how to get started with gaining ISO 20000 certification. The simple answer is to use ITIL. ITIL provides a framework which you can use to align your IT processes with international best practice. By doing so you are preparing your IT processes in the correct way for ISO 20000 certification.

With ITIL being a framework, you can gradually adopt parts of the best practice within the core books in the ITIL Lifecycle Publication Suite. Many people think you have to adopt the entire ITIL best practice in one go, but in actual fact, you don’t. You can adopt ITIL over time using the practices that makes sense to you and your business. Approaches such as ITIL Lite detail how you can use the parts of the ITIL framework that make sense for smaller organisations.

Once you have started on the road to getting into place the relevant processes, policies and procedures in place for ISO 20000, using ITIL and document templates such as those in the ITSM, ITIL & ISO/IEC 20000 Implementation Toolkit, you are well on the way to achieving ISO 20000 certification.

Get started with ISO 20000 certification using ITIL!