Use BS25999 to develop a Business Continuity Plan that actually works

Will your current Business Continuity or Disaster Recovery Plan really do the job?

With the ever increasing operational risks, many UK private and public sector organisations have developed a Business Continuity or Disaster Plan to enable them to recover from the disruption caused by an unforeseen event. These risks are many and complex and include natural disasters, economic factors, IT failure, civil emergencies, terrorism and cybercrime.

But given the growth in Business Continuity Planning, why do so many businesses (large and small) still fail to recover?

The experience of our Business Continuity consultants has shown that many Business Continuity plans fail as a result of the following:

  • Inadequate planning with insufficient details
  • Lack of consideration of the complete needs of an organisation
  • Inadequate testing or practice drills
  • Failure to gain support from senior-level managers and directors

BS25999, the Business Continuity Standard defines the specification and best practice guidelines to develop an effective Business Continuity Management System (BCMS).

To ensure your organisation adopts best practice and becomes fully complaint to BS25999, we would like to invite you to book on the 2- day BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer training course at a special discounted rate of £750 + VAT.

BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer BS25999 Certified BCMS Lead Implementer Training Course
26-27 January 2012 in London

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This Lead Implementer Masterclass, which is led by Tony Drewitt MBCI author of Business Continuity Management: a Manager’s Guide to BS25999 and the expert consultant responsible for one of the world’s first accredited certifications to BS25999, gives you the practical, experienced guidance you need for a successful BS25999 Business Continuity Management project.

Ensure your organisation develops an effective Business Continuity Plan.

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