US Nuclear Defences Are Attacked 10 Million Times A Day – How Secure Are Your Systems?

US News Weekly today announced today that the computer systems guarding America’s nuclear warheads face up to 10 million cyber attacks a day. Thomas D’Agostino, head of The National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), commented:

‘They’re from other countries, but we also get fairly sophisticated no-state actors as well. The nuclear labs are under constant attack, the Department of energy is under constant attack.’

10 million is a huge figure, and even though the agency state that less than a hundredth of a percent have some degree of success, that still leave a baseline figure of 1,000 threats, daily. The majority of these are likely to be automated bots continually scouring the internet looking to expose weaknesses. Due to the continued increase in cyber attacks the NNSA, as well as many other government departments, are calling on their cyber security budget to be increased from $126 million in 2012 to $155 million in 2013.

In his recent book 21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare, Lieutenant Colonel Hagestad discusses the threats that the US faces from state sponsored cyber attacks. Read more about Chinese Cyber Warfare here >>>

It is a truth of the modern world that cyber crime, cyber war and cyber attacks are issues that affect everyone: governments, businesses and individuals.

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Source: USNews Weekly