Updated ITIL® 2011 Titles Now Available with FREE delivery!

That’s right; the wait is finally over – the ITIL 2011 updated titles are here. Since the update was announced late in June this year, we have all been counting down the days (quite literally) till the release date to get our hands on these titles. You can now order your copies from IT Governance with FREE delivery if you place your order before the end of July.

We have also teamed up with ITIL expert Ian Clayton to offer you a free webinar. Ian will guide you through the updated 2011 ITIL titles and how they fit into your Service Management plans. See below for how to register.

The ITIL 2011 core publications are a must read for anyone applying the ITIL methodology. They are also essential reading for anyone using the framework within their organisation already.

After taking into account users’ feedback and suggestions for improvement, the updated publications are now easier to read and understand. The ITIL 2011 Editions are designed to resolve any errors or inconsistencies in the content, and improve the publications by addressing certain issues (such as in the Change Control Log).

Place your order with us before the end of July for any updated ITIL title and you will receive FREE delivery!

The ITIL 2011 Lifecycle Suite

ITIL 2011 Lifecycle Suite This suite contains the five updated core ITIL publications. As the five core titles reflect the lifecycle of services, their appeal encompasses the entire spectrum of people involved at any stage of the framework. So, without being the prime audience, everyone involved will benefit from access to the entire library. This suite includes the updated Service Strategy, Service Design, Service Transition, Service Operation and Continual Service Improvement titles.

ITIL Service Strategy

ITIL Service Strategy 2011 This book contains the biggest wholesale change in the methodology. It is designed to ensure that the books relate more clearly to one another, anomalies are corrected and that the content is conveyed in a clear and concise manner.

ITIL Service Design

ITIL Service Design 2011 This book guides organisations on how to develop design capabilities for service management. The concepts and principles have been clarified, including the five aspects of service design, the design of the service portfolio and the terminology related to views of the service catalogue.

ITIL Service Transition

ITIL Service Transition 2011 Service Transition provides guidance for the development and improvement of capabilities for transitioning new and changed services into operations. The structure, content and relationships of the configuration management system (CMS) have been clarified to help the reader to understand the key concepts.

ITIL Service Operation

ITIL Service Operation 2011 This volume includes guidance on achieving effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery and support of services so as to ensure value for the customer and the service provider. Process flows have been updated or added for all processes and key principles have been clarified.

ITIL Continual Service Improvement

ITIL Continual Service Improvement 2011 This publication provides practical guidance in evaluating and improving the quality of services, overall maturity of the ITSM service lifecycle and its underlying processes. The seven-step improvement process has been clarified with the CSI model being renamed.

Place your order with us before the end of July for any updated ITIL title and you will receive FREE delivery!

FREE WEBINAR: Decipher the ITIL Code – Edition 2011

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