Understand the true power of Agile

R66E2T133WAll too often, IT projects are plagued by budget overruns, missed deadlines, low-quality outputs and dissatisfied users. It is therefore essential that businesses use a proven methodology in order to prevent this from happening and create real, measurable, high-value results.

Agile methods are proven, common-sense approaches for substantially increasing the relevance, quality, flexibility and bottom-line business value of your software solutions.

Understand the true power of Agile methods in Agile – An Executive guide, Second edition.

Read this guide to:

  • Understand the ten core business benefits of Agile and how they can significantly improve your organisation.
  • Identify which Agile methods align with the specific needs of your organisation and your projects.
  • Get the essential information you need to successfully implement Agile within your organisation.

Agile - An Executive guide, Second editionThis guide will help you make realistic business-driven decisions on whether Agile methods are appropriate for your organisation, providing practical, proven ways to introduce, incorporate and leverage Agile methods to maximise your business returns.

“Not only does the book bring forward the business benefits of agile development, the book does so in the short, business oriented language most likely to connect with senior management.”

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