Understand the psychology behind information security

Understand the psychology behind information security with this insightful look at human behaviour from end users’ and security professionals’ perspectives.

The Psychology of Information Security – Resolving conflicts between security compliance and human behaviour addresses the conflict that  security teams can often find themselves in with the rest of the business.

Author Leron Zinatullin discusses the notion that information security professionals can often be ignorant of the impact that implementing security policies in a vacuum can have on end users’ core business activities and how to overcome this.

These end users are, in turn, often unaware of the risks they can expose their organisation to, and may even feel justified in finding workarounds because they believe that the organisation values productivity over security.

The end result is a conflict between the security team and the rest of the business, and increased, rather than reduced, risk.

Understand how to create a robust security culture

The Psychology of Information SecurityBased on insights gained from academic research as well as interviews with UK-based security professionals from various sectors, this book explains the importance of careful risk management and how to align a security programme with wider business objectives, and providing methods and techniques to engage stakeholders and encourage buy-in.

Not only will this be an interesting read, it will also help you further understand how to create a robust security culture that really is understood by your staff and the business.

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