Understand and Develop Your Forensic Readiness Policy

Are you responsible for developing a forensic readiness policy in your public sector organisation?

The adoption of a forensic readiness policy is now a mandatory requirement of the Security Policy Framework (SPF) of all UK government departments (HMG Security Policy Framework v.4.0, May 2010). If you are not in the public sector but your company is a supplier to UK national or local government, you may also require a forensic readiness policy.

Forensic readiness is the ability to collect, preserve, protect and analyse digital evidence that can be effectively used in any legal matters, in security investigations, in disciplinary matters, in an employment tribunal or in a court of law. Source: CESG, December 2009.

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29 June 2012

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Our Digital Forensics Foundation course is designed to deliver a comprehensive introduction to digital forensics and help you develop an effective forensic readiness plan for your organisation. This 1-day course is held in London and is presented by a highly qualified Computer Forensics specialist and Expert Witness.

By attending this course, you will learn:

  1. How to protect your corporate information
  2. How to manage a Digital Incident
  3. Where to look for Digital Evidence
  4. How to preserve Digital Evidence correctly?
  5. How to select a Digital Forensics Investigator

Ensure your organisation has a Forensic Readiness Policy.

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