Uncover the Chinese Cyberwarfare Threat

With China having the world’s second largest economy (after the U.S), it is no wonder that the western world sees China as a threat when it comes to cyber warfare. With reason to believe, William T. Hagestad II pulls together a strong argument for the allegation of Chinese Cyberwarfare in his latest title; 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare.

Inside, readers will uncover the truth of Chinese Cyberwarfare and the involvement of its own government behind these claims. Hagestad answers these questions:

  • Who is behind Chinese cyberwarfare?
  • Is it state sponsored?
  • What is the Chinese Government promoting and what are their initiatives and motives?
  • And much more

Uncover the Chinese Cyberwarfare threat with 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare; an intereting, gripping and eye-opening read…

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21st Century Chinese Cyber Warfare 21st Century Chinese Cyberwarfare

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About the author

William is an internationally recognized subject matter expert on the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and Government Information Warfare. William served in the Marine Corps for 27 years and also holds Master’s degrees in Science in Security technolgies and Science in the management of technology.

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