UK SMEs don’t know where to start with staff education

More than a quarter of SMEs in the United Kingdom are not educating and training their staff to reduce cyber security threats – as reported by cyber-insurance provider CDC Underwriting. Despite the surge in cyber threats and attacks targeting companies of all kinds – and hitting SMEs hard in particular – small and medium-sized companies are not doing enough to protect themselves.

Of all cyber claims the insurance company received in 2016, 38% were caused by phishing scams, which these companies could have avoided with some simple employee education and training about how these frauds work.

They don’t know where to start

When it comes to staff education, many companies don’t know where to start (26% of those interviewed). Lack of budget could be one of the reasons why they don’t invest in education, but nowadays there is a cost-effective learning method that can boost staff awareness of cyber risks and information security: e-learning training.

Why choose an e-learning course?

Four reasons:

  • Multi-user – all staff get the same education to ensure they are all on the same page.
  • Modular – courses are divided into chapters for easy comprehension; they can be started, stopped and resumed any time to fit the staff’s busy schedule.
  • Interactive – quizzes, trivia, questions and a final exam will test comprehension of the topic.
  • Cost-effective – cheaper than classroom training, and no accommodation and travel costs are required.

IT Governance’s e-learning course portfolio spans information security and phishing awareness courses, to compliance requirements awareness courses for the PCI DSS and ISO 27001, to the newest GDPR awareness course.

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