UK Government Protective Marking Scheme replaced by Government Security Classifications

With effect from 2 April 2014 the UK Government Protective Marking Scheme (GPMS) is being replaced by the Government Classification System (GCS). This new system specifies three level of classification that should be used when classifying information assets:

• Official
• Secret
• Top Secret

It is the responsibility of all those who work in the British public sector (i.e. government departments, agencies and individuals) to protect information assets in line with the GCS, including by classifying their data to ensure it receives the appropriate protection. The GCS also mandates that it should be implemented by public sector delivery partners and the wider supply chain.

This simplified policy will make it easier and more cost-effective for government material to be marked, handled and protected.

How can we easily comply with the GCS?

Boldon James Classifier is a suite of software tools that allows users easily to apply classifications and protective markings to emails and other types of files so that they can be identified and receive appropriate levels of protection.

Boldon James Classifier:

• applies labels and protective markings so that information that requires special handling is identified;
• automatically applies visual labels to documents and emails, which helps educate users about the sensitivity of information and ensures adherence to policy; and
• can be used orchestrate multiple on-demand security technologies such as encryption.

If you would like to find out more about Boldon James Classifier, please see our Information Classification Software page.

Alternatively, you can see Boldon James Classifier at our event on 8 May 2014, ISO 27001 2013 and PCI DSS V3 – new Standards in the Global Cyber War which is being held in London, at the Cabinet War Rooms.

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