UK and India to strike cyber security partnership

Both the UK and India have been victims of cyber threats, with attacks leaving detrimental effects on both nations. India faced one particular attack in July 2012 where over 10,000 senior government official email addresses were hacked and exposed,  including those in high profile government departments.

The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron, and his Indian counterpart, Manmohan Singh, plan to discuss a cyber security partnership that will further binds British and Indian government and businesses together.

The UK sends millions of records including personal, medical and banking records to Indian companies to store information about their businesses and clients. The NHS is one of a number of public bodies who send data to India for processing. The need to protect this information is clear for both nations, as  “Other countries securing their data is effectively helping us secure our data,” said David Cameron.

Information security is a governance issue and so the Indian Information Technology Act (ITA)’s move to enforce regulation including the implementation of ISO27001 (the world’s information security management standard) is welcome news to UK businesses.

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