T&T Hacked – How’s Your Cyber Security?

Canada’s largest Asian grocery store, T&T, has shut down its website after a devastating cyber attack that has potentially exposed the personal information of up to 58,000 people. T&T commented that hackers attacked their website on June 6, 7, 11, 14 and 17.

T&T are currently unsure as to what information the hackers have made off with, but state that this could include user names, passwords, email addresses, cellphone numbers, home addresses and names. Thankfully for the customers of T&T, it does not store credit card, driver licenses or social security numbers.

Worried customers may take little comfort from T&T’s advice to change their passwords and run antivirus software on their computers. The hack after all was on the T&T network! T&T have stated, though, that they have brought in security experts to conduct an investigation. Hopefully this will include proposals to instigate an ISO 27001 ISMS and conduct regular Pen Testing.

Effective cyber security is an issue that all businesses must take seriously; indeed, cyber crime is fast becoming the biggest threat to businsses. At IT Governance we provide IT solutions for you business that will ensure you are cyber resilient.

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ISO 27001 – The Cyber Security Standard

ISO 27001 is the world’s only internationally-recognized cyber security management system standard. For any organization taking cyber security and information security seriously, ISO 27001 is the only real solution. If T&T aren’t considering implementing ISO 27001, they should be.

Accreditation to ISO 27001 demonstrates that your systems for managing information security are best in class and independently audited. Importantly to your business, it will instil confidence in your customers and clients, mitigate risk of cyber attacks, and ensure you have appropriate business continuity planning in the event of an outside attack or natural disaster.

Implementing ISO/IEC 27001 and creating an effective information security management system for the first time can be challenging. IT Governance offers the unique No 3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit (US), which will help you accelerate your ISO 27001 project.

No 3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit (US) No 3 Comprehensive ISO 27001 ISMS Toolkit (US)

The Complete ISMS Toolkit is unique in its comprehensiveness, practical detail, updates and online drafting support – and it’s consistent with, and follows the detailed guidance of, International IT Governance. It makes sense not to re-invent existing wheels when you can deploy pre-written policy and procedure templates.

The additional books and tools are unique and fit for purpose – they are designed to give you the knowledge and information you need to cost-effectively implement an ISMS and accelerate organizational learning.

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