Top three Black Hat presentations (video)

ddos-attack-protection-planWhile I don’t work directly in information security, I have a sensational urge to one day make the trip to a Black Hat conference.

Black Hat brings together some of the best information security professionals from around the world to discuss the latest in information security and to share their knowledge and findings.

To partly fill the hole that can only be filled by attending a Black Hat conference, I’ve spent the last few months watching presentations on the Black Hat YouTube channel and figured I should share my favourites.

So, here you go:

BadUSB – On Accessories that Turn Evil, by Karsten Nohl and Jakob Lell

“USB has become so commonplace that we rarely worry about its security implications. USB sticks undergo the occasional virus scan, but we consider USB to be otherwise perfectly safe – until now.”

Lessons from Surviving a 300Gbps Denial of Service Attack, by Matthew Prince

Remember the DDoS on Spamhaus back in 2013? Of course you do. In this video, Matthew Prince tells the full story of the attack, how it happened and what techniques were used.

Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines Redux, by Barnaby Jack

Barnaby Jack will always be remembered – in my opinion, at least – for his presentation back in 2010 when he wowed the audience with his Jackpotting techniques.

Well, that’s my list but it’s by no means definitive. Please leave a comment below with your favourite information security video, Black Hat or not.