Top resources for your BCM project

This week is Business Continuity Awareness Week (BCAW), and the BCI’s main theme focuses on the return on investment that effective business continuity can bring.

computer-1149148_1920Preparing for a disaster – natural or malicious – is something all organisations should be doing. Having a business continuity plan (BCP) in place is vital for responding to unforeseen events. Still, you may find out that your plan isn’t up to scratch when you need it and, importantly, you can’t go as quickly back to business as usual as you wish. Your organisation’s continuity will be at risk.

Having a BCP in place, especially one aligned to the international business continuity standard, ISO 22301, can ensure that your organisation continues to operate in the event of a disruption, reduce your insurance premiums, and save on costs through improved efficiency. You’ll also be perceived as a reliable supplier by your customers and clients, helping you to win new business.

A survey conducted by Continuity Central showed that 75.8% of respondents are aligning their business continuity to ISO 22301, which demonstrates that ISO 22301 is a popular option for those looking to protect their business from unexpected disasters

In conjunction with the BCI’s Business Continuity Awareness Week, we have compiled a list of top resources to help you build a strong and effective BCP.


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