Top nine cyber security threats for 2012

Imperva (data security specialist) has issued nine top cyber security issues that could affect us in 2012:

1. Cyber security decisions will be based on security, rather than regulations. The growing infrastructure of hackers and data breaches will mean businesses will be protecting themselves out of neccessity, rather than regulation

2. The rise of ‘cyber brokers’. An increasing supply and demand for compromised machines containing sensitive data.

3. Increase in hackers automating social media attacks

4. Time being wasted as IT professionals profess regulation of end-user devices and cloud data access, instead of controlling data at the source

5. Inadequte security around big data (NoSQL) inhibiting integration as third party components within companies.

6. Organisations will have to look for tools to protect and control access as internal collaboration suites (such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Jive) might be deployed in ‘evil twin’ (external) modes.

7. In regards to DDoS, attackers will increase sophistication and effectiveness by shifting from network level to application level attacks – even business logic level attacks, citing increasing exploitation of SQL injection vulnerabilities as one of the modes. 

8. HTML 5 standard will enable hackers to exploit vulnerabilities in the browser’s themselves to install malware.

9. There is currently a rise in attacks which target the worldwide infrastructure that supports SSL. Imperva expect these attacks to reach a tipping point in 2012 which, in turn, will invoke a serious discussion about real alternatives for secure web communications. 

Source: Works Management

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