Top 5 Tips to Becoming a Top Manager

Manager: A person responsible for controlling or administering an organisation or group of staff

(Oxford Dictionary)

Being a manager in the IT field can be a fulfilling yet demanding role. You quite often need to be in two places at once, be firm but fair, inspire and encourage. You need to know how to communicate effectively, manage projects productively and be time efficient.

We’ve gathered 10 top tips together to seeing you well on your way to becoming a top manager.

1. Be effective

Understand the characteristics of being a high-performance manager. Assess where your strengths and development areas lie and create a plan of action for realising your management potential.

Recommended reading: The Effective Manager, by Sarah Cook

2. Lead for Success

There is no point leading for failure, so lead for success. Develop effective communication skills and inspire and enthuse your team. Create a team vision, shaping future goals by focusing on the team’s earlier successes and give the members of your team the sense of responsibility that will motivate them to achieve excellent results. This will help ensure your people perform to their full potential.

Recommended reading: Leading for Success, by Sara Cook

3. Presentation is Key

Deliver presentations that will engage your staff and make your ideas and arguments memorable. Your technical skills and professional expertise are evidence of your ability to accomplish difficult tasks.  The ability to present articulately to customers, management, peers and others can significantly enhance your credibility, clout, and professional status.

Recommended reading: Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals, by Naomi Karten

4. Communication is Crucial

Being able to communicate with your staff is crucial for you in building an effective team. You need transparency within your staff, so you always know what exactly is going on and who is doing what. The same applies with you – you need to be transparent with your staff. If you let your staff know what is going on behind the scenes (where appropriate) this will help build up trust  and respect between both parties.

 Recommended reading for project managers: Focus on Skills: Communication Skills for Project and Project Managers, by OGC

5. Time Management

Learn how to be more productive with your time. It can be all too easy to get distracted by a phone call or an email, rather than getting on with the job in hand. You, as a manager, will have a million and one things that need doing, so it is important that you prioritise your workload and organise your time effectively.

Recommended reading: Essential Time Management and Organisation: A Pocket Guide, by Sarah Cook