Top 5 Recommendations for the ITIL 2011 Updates

In case you’ve been asleep in a darkened room for the last month, you may not have heard that TSO are releasing updates to the ITIL lifecycle suite of books. All five titles have been modified so that they are easier to read and understand. The changes were made after suggestions came in from ITIL readers, and so the “2011 updated titles are designed to resolve any errors or inconsistencies in the content, and improve the publications by addressing certain issues (such as in the Change Control Log)”.

Recommendation 1:

Claire Agutter from IT Training Zone  said that ITIL 2011 “has turned a useful resource into an essential one – these books are vital reading for all IT staff from management to operations.”

Recommendation 2:

Helen Sussex from Logica descirbes Service Strategy as “so much more accessible. It flows, it links and it is now joined to the other stages of the lifecycle so much more effectively.”

Recommendation 3:

“More readable, more useable. Many confusing aspects of Service Transition have been well and truly ‘nailed’. The demystifying of the SKMS, CMS, CMDB maelstrom is particularly helpful” says Barry Corless from Global Knowledge.

Recommendation 4:

Peter Brooks who is a reviewer for itSMF endorsement said that the “Service Strategy is much clearer, of course. Strategy Management makes lots of sense and pulls a lot of things together….I’ve liked some of the more subtle changes – the Service Transition main diagram now, for example, has the Change Management control shown as ‘authorisation’, rather than tons of rfcs, which seemed a bit excessive, and possibly disjointed, before.”

Recommendation 5:

And to round things off nicely, David M. Brink from Solutions3 concludes:

“A great set of books just got better! The updated books are indicative of what ITIL stresses – improvement. As a process implementer and ITIL instructor, yes, I know there was content in the previous edition that needed clarification or correction, and other topics I wish had more coverage… Reading and applying ITIL just became clearer!”

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