Top 5 Cyber Security Infographics

Last week we published the ’10 steps to cyber security’ infographic, and it was widely appreciated through the cyber security world. Infographics provide a more entertaining method of picking up on vital statistics and cyber security trends – a great alternative for those who don’t enjoy reading long and boring reports.

To further our readers enjoyment, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the top 5 cyber security infographics which are highly relevant at this moment in time. Let us know which is your favourite!

10 Steps to Cyber Security by IT Governance

This infographic explains the 10 most vital aspects of an organisation’s cyber security defences which are in line with the UK Government’s 10 steps to cyber security framework. Moreover, you can now get your organisation independently audited in each of these areas by arranging a cyber security risk assessment.


A Look At Small Business Security

CSID conducted a survey of small businesses to better understand how they are addressing cyber security and combined these results with a few other surveys, creating this infographic.


Cyber Security in Focus

This infographic lays out the current state of cyber security in the federal government, highlights priority level of adopting emerging technology by federal agencies, identifies the risk and rewards of mobile, cloud and big data initiatives.


You’re not as Secure as you Think: Small Business Cyber Security

This infographics gives information on who hackers target, what information they go after and several tips on how to protect yourself from these cyber criminals.


The CEO/CISO Disconnect on IT Security

One of my personal favourites. This infographic demonstrates the large gap of knowledge between a CISO and the CEO.


Hopefully these infographics have broadened your knowledge of the current cyber threats organisations are facing and what needs to be done to defend yourself against them.

If you’re looking to further your knowledge about cyber crime and information security, then I recommend that you read The True Cost of Information Security Breaches and Cyber Crime pocket guide. At just £9.95 – this book is a total steal.

Have doubts about your cyber security defences? Then don’t hesitate to give IT Governance a call on +44 (0)845 070 1750 – It might just save your organisation!

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